The Best of Demotivators 2015 Wall Calendar

Welcome to 2015! Are you feeling excited, hopeful, inspired even? Congratulations! We have the treatment for the very optimism that ills you! Despite what you've heard from the motivation industry, Positive Thinking is a disease. One that invariably leads to High Expectations. Yet where does that inevitably lead next? Disappointment, frustration, even despair.

At Despair, Inc., we believe people are better off skipping the hopeful stage altogether and cutting straight to the misery (and insight!) that follows it. Our Best of Demotivators¬ 2015 calendar features 12 of our most radically demotivating designs ever, along with 6 equally discouraging prints! Their combined power will utterly destroy your will to try AND spare you the humiliation of looking like a hopeful, show-tune whistling idiot beforehand. YouÍre welcome!

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