The Art of Demotivation - Executive Edition

A Cut Above
Behold - a forceful declaration of the elevated stature of the Executive class. In substance, there is nary a difference between this work and its lesser sibling. But in style, the Executive is in a class by itself, the book a bold statement of luxury, power and mystery.

A Dark Enigma - Like You
To behold the book is to confront a riddle. On its cover, a solitary smile is lost in a sea of gears. What does it mean? Unlike those works who wear their thoughts on their sleeve, the Executive does not seek to be understood, nor will it pretend to be something it is not, should it find itself in the presence of undesirables. For those unsuited to know its secrets, it simply remains closed to inquiry, for compromise is weakness. Only a select few are worthy to unlock the mystery- and to those so esteemed, two keys are given.

A Statement of Luxury and Virility
The standard, b-grade paper so common to business books betrays the desperation and thriftiness of the publisher. Moreover, it consigns the reader to endure mediocrity and advertise their association with things mid-range. But the Executive knows no such shame, as every page is printed on premium-grade, textured matte art paper. And rather than settle for the simple smooth board of the average hardcover, it is cased within a muscular bonded-leather, its gears embossed, and the lonely smile in its center stamped with foil. It is book that demands to be reckoned with- suited for a leader who expects the same.

With a Touch of Gold
Would that this were the extent of the Executive's distinction, it would already have proven a specimen worthy of its premium price. Yet a final flourish remains. For after the work is bound, it is gilded with real gold, an act which both protects the paper from decay and more importantly provides final and irrefutable proof of the Executive's distinction and certain potency. If it leaves all other business books looking pale and weak by comparison, well, can it be helped?


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