The Art of Demotivation - Manager Edition

A Revolution You Can't Pass Up, at a Price You Can't Turn Down
The bookshelves of the modern manager groan under the collective weight of a library of condescending fables and antiquated lies. But take heart- the last management book you'll ever need is available now, and at a price a manager can afford.

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
There's a reason that The Art of Demotivation is prefaced with a stark warning. Though it has the power to transform your organization into a paragon of productivity and your haughty employees into humble extensions of your own managerial ambitions, it also has the potential, should it fall into the wrong hands, to provoke lawsuits and incite riots.

To help protect your investment and potentially your life, our Manager edition ships complete with the Undercover™, a built-in cloaking device. This secondary dust-jacket claims to house a non-existent book called Ethics, Integrity and Sacrifice in the Workplace. This will render the book virtually invisible to your employees, who have no interest in such subjects.

The Critics Are Speechless
But don't take our word for it. Consider what the best and brightest minds of our generation have to say about this landmark work. 

Made in America, Because We Care
Most business books purport to sell solutions to the problems faced in the American workplace. Yet in an astonishing hypocrisy, the majority of such works are printed overseas! At Despair, we believe American readers deserve books they can read with a clean conscience, just as American printers deserve jobs. That's why we printed our Manager edition right here in the U.S.A.!

Keep It on the Down Low
Remember, The Art of Demotivation is for Executives and Managers with the potential to become Executives only. If you are neither, this book will only confuse, irritate or possibly even violate you. Instead, consider buying a copy of this book for your boss. He or she will thank you, in more ways than one.


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