The Rise of Mr. Ponzi

The Autobiography of Charles Ponzi

  • The Rise of Mr. Ponzi - Charles Ponzi's original and unedited text of his 1936 Masterpiece

  • Who Is Charles Ponzi? - Written by Despair co-founder Jef Sewell (writing as "Chuck Bougir") Over 150 pages of meticulously researched history unveiling for the first time what really happened to Charles Ponzi. It's two books for the price of one! 

  • Dozens of historic photos, many never published in book form

  • Dozens of newspaper articles

  • Previously unpublished government documents related to the Ponzi affair

  • Foreward by Dr. E.L. Kersten

  • And Much more...

Publication Details

    Paperback: 400 Pages
    ISBN-10: 1892503506
    Release Date: October 19, 2009.
    Weight: 2.9 Pounds

         Special note: This product weighs ~3 lbs. 


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