DESPAIRWEAR: Social Distancing T-shirt

It's a T-Shirt. It's a Fundraiser. It's a Way of Life.


For extroverts, outdoor types and "people persons", this new era of mandatory social distancing has been disorienting and difficult. But some of us have been social distancing our entire lives. It comes naturally, like looking on the dark side, sighing in irritation, or just sitting there shaking our heads in silent annoyance several times a day. For those of you who were born this way, Despair introduces our "Social Distancing" t-shirt. One that can be easily read and understood, even as you demonstrate your longstanding talent of keeping your distance because hey, that's how you roll. (Away from people.)

But our Social Distancing shirt isn't just a tee for introverts, wallflowers and agoraphobes. We also created it as a fundraising tool. The economic consequences of government-imposed lockdowns have been shocking for all of us, as millions who were gainfully employed only a month ago are now out of work and in overnight need of help. 

To that end, we're donating half of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt to the Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund. That's an average of $7 per shirt sold. This fund directly helps feed families in need through the food banks that support them. And every dollar donated goes a lot further than you might think. The need is so great and the timeframe so urgent. We're not licensed to mix sanitizer, or equipped to mass produce face masks. But we can at least turn around t-shirts easily enough. To the extent that might make a positive difference, we hope to.

So, even while you're rocking a cynical tee about keeping your distance, you'll actually be making a difference for people in need, too. How's that for ironic? 

FUNDRAISING UPDATE: With your help, we've already raised over $16,000 through t-shirt sales as of August 1st! THANK YOU!

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