Demotivators® 2019 Animal Spirits Wall Calendar

THE BEASTLY BEST OF DEMOTIVATORS®!  Adorable animal calendars are  perennial bestsellers in the publishing world, yet when it comes to delivering the kind of hope-killing cynicism that pessimists count on to maintain their objectivity, such works are unsurprisingly lacking. In fact, overexposure to adorable photos of kittens, dogs, and other fauna very often leads to the very hopefulness that destroys objectivity altogether. Ack!

That's why we created our 2019 "Animal Spirits" calendar. It combines the radical adorability of animal photography with soul-crushing aphorisms that keep optimism from taking root. It will warm your heart right before it smashes it, over and over and over again - and for a price you can afford! 

CALENDAR DESIGNS: Give Up, Indifference, Intimidation, Acquisition, Mediocrity, Hope, Tradition, Ambition, Discouragement, You Are Special, Limitations and Sloth. (size: 14"x11")

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