2021 Demotivators® Wall Calendar

2021 IS COMING - SOMEHOW, though at the time we’re writing this, it’s still 2020, and we’re still arguing about whether the year ends with a supervolcano eruption or a gigantic meteor strike. 2020 really was that bad.

But our customers were better prepared for the miseries of 2020 than most, because - thanks to our products - they’ve already tapped into The Power of Negative Thinking. They expect nothing less than the very worst, and they’re rarely disappointed because they’re always disappointed!

At Despair, Inc., we know hope is just a stepping stone on a journey to your eventual immiseration. We designed our Demotivators® 2021 calendar to stifle any optimistic instinct and keep you in a state of low-grade anxiety and dread. With it, hope won’t have a chance to set you up, let you down, and leave you looking like total chump when it all falls apart later. Consider it our Dissatisfaction Guarantee!


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