2022 Demotivators® Wall Calendar

2021 WENT FROM WORSE TO WORSER, and while the future isn’t written yet, smart money says 2022 just might be the worstest in recent memory. Who could’ve seen it coming? You did, my sad friend, because you’ve learned to expect nothing less than the very worst for years, and have been delightedly right while so very much has gone wrong.

At Despair, Inc., we remain committed to helping our customers unlock the liberating power of pessimistic thinking. Our Demotivators® 2022 calendar will inoculate you against any instinct to look on the bright side. Why bother? Given the circumstances, that bright side is just where the white hot flames of our situational dumpster fire burn the brightest. You’ll be safer, and far happier, just focusing on the dark side non-stop. And by “far happier” we mean utterly miserable, which still beats delusional every time!

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