The Art of Demotivation - MBA Edition

Now in paperback, with a new foreword by the author

Motivation. The Futile Quest.

At no time in history have there been more motivational resources available to the modern manager. And yet, in spite of the dazzling array of solutions sold, employee morale has reached critical lows - with the majority of workers actually reporting they hate their jobs! How did this happen? And more importantly, what can executives do about the crisis of employee discontent?

The Radical Solution.

In this incisive masterpiece, former professor and current executive Dr. E.L. Kersten offers a devastating critique of the motivation industry and its complicity in the crisis. But more importantly, he offers to managers and executives everywhere a shockingly radical solution to the problem of employee motivation - one tested and perfected within the confines of Despair, Inc. itself.

Safety First.

There’s a reason that The Art of Demotivation is prefaced with a stark warning about its contents. Though it has the power to transform your organization into a paragon of productivity and your haughty employees into humble extensions of your own managerial ambitions, it also has the potential, should it fall into the wrong hands, to provoke lawsuits and incite riots. These are dangerous times, after all.

To help protect your investment and potentially your very life, our paperback edition ships complete with The Undercover. This protective sleeve - which purports to house a book called Ethics, Integrity and Sacrifice in the Workplace - will render the book completely invisible to your employees, as they have no interest in such subjects.

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