Welcome, Despair Fans!

Our website is presently closed to the outside world. Why? So we could make a special offer solely for our biggest fans and/or most chronically miserable customers.

Firstly, all Demotivators® Posters are $4 off and all Demotivators Mugs are $2 off.

But even more importantly, during this private sale, any order that includes $40 or more worth of product will automatically receive a FREE "GET TO WORK" mug, too. (This $20 exclusive freebie is NOT available for purchase yet, as we may run out of them during this sale.)

We've also just added a lot of products to the site, including a Challenges Demotivator® mug, The Pessimist's Mug, The Pessimist's Tumbler, The Pessimist's Shot Glass

We also just reprinted the long out-of-stock Wishes poster. That's right, the very same poster that hangs on Elon Musk's wall at SpaceX can finally be YOURS again! (In fact, it's included FREE with any order for 1 or more Demotivator Posters during this private sale.)

These freebies will be included only for orders placed while the site is in BLACKOUT mode. The freebies will NOT appear in your cart, they will be added during the pick/pack process so long as you order during the BLACKOUT sale. (Trust us!) 

Freebie supplies are limited. The Sale ends Friday at midnight, Central Standard time (or beforehand if we run out of "GET TO WORK" mugs!)